Guided Tours from E-Magine Tours: Get to Know Our Routes

Being an adult is all about being independent, which sometimes means we like to plan everything on our own, even the smallest details of a holiday trip. However, sometimes it is better to loosen up a bit and let somebody else take the lead. Guided tours are all about relaxation when you can finally give up control and just enjoy what the trip can offer to you. In this article, we’ll walk you through our guided tour options and how our expert guides can help you explore Budapest.

When to choose guided tours?

As we said, being your own master and deciding what and when to do is huge freedom, but it also means you have to plan every little detail, which can be a little exhausting. Holidays and trips should be about relaxation. However, enjoying the drift with the tide is not the only reason why we recommend a good, guided tour. Let’s go through the pros!

If you don’t know the city

To get to know a city you can’t just rely on the online research you made beforehand. This is especially true if you visit a place for the first time. Every culture and city has its perks and being aware of those could be really useful. Not to mention the fact that the locals know the best places a foreigner should visit when they spend their holiday in the Hungarian capital. A well-informed tour guide will give you the best ideas during guided tours on how to live like the locals during your stay.

If you want to have professional guidance with a local viewpoint

Budapest is a city with rich history and cultural traditions. If you are planning everything by yourself, it is so easy to miss a spot or an interesting fact that a tour guide, on the other hand, would mention to you and tell you more about it. All of our tour guides are licensed professionals and they’re also locals who know the fun facts and exciting backstories of buildings, people, and just about everything you see in the city. They also know the easiest and best ways to get around the capital and can offer you a bunch of activities after the guided tours, which might not have crossed your mind otherwise.

young people on MonsteRollers listening to E-Magine Tours’ guide

Guided tours at E-Magine Tours

We know that your first idea of a guided tour might be a bunch of people going around the city sitting on a bus or walking around following a colored umbrella, while the tour guide is talking about the attractions they pass by. Well, we reimagined sightseeing as something more unique and memorable. During our guided tours, we will visit the important sights in Budapest, however, not on foot or by bus, but by an electric scooter. They are safe and comfortable means of transportation, not to mention they are extremely fun to ride. They are fast and eco-friendly too! So, let’s see what kind of guided tours we offer!

young people riding the MonsteRollers in Budapest

Note: There is also an age limitation, you have to be at least 14 years old to ride the bikes on the group guided tours.  

Budapest All-in Tour

During this guided tour, our aim is to give you a comprehensive look over the city and see the most important sights and spots both onthe Buda and Pest side of the capital. We also offer live commentary at every our, so you get some interesting pieces of information about the places we visit. The tour itself is about 3 hours long, and we will visit Buda Castle, Castle Hill, and Margaret Island as well, and the Parliament too! If you’re not in a rush, we highly recommend this tour as it gives you plenty of time to ride, immerse yourself in the city’s history and also get more information about the specifics that interest you. No wonder it’s our most popular tour option!

Castle District Tour

This guided tour takes 1.5 hours, and the route is centered aroundthe Buda Castle district. We begin the tour from the Várkert Rakpart, which is close to the Elisabeth Bridge. We will see the Castle Garden, ride around the Castle District, see Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion among others. These sights are amazing no matter the weather or the season, and riding on e-scooters saves you the time and sweat of walking up the hill!

The Essence of Budapest Guided Tours

This is another one of our 90 minutes long guided tours, in which we’ll give you a glimpse of the Pest side of the city and the main sights on the bank of the river Danube. This includes the Parliament, Liberty Square, the Chain Bridge, and a panorama view of the Buda side of the capital. You’ll be surprised how much we can see in such a short time!

Citadel & Gellért Hill Tour

Gellért Hill and the Citadel rise on the bank of the Danube like a guard that watches over the city. In this 1-hour tour, we will also visit the Philosopher’s Garden and take a glimpse of Gellért Thermal Bath. With a longer stop on the top of the hill, so you can immerse yourself in the view of the city.

Fairy Garden Guided Tour

During this 2-hour guided tour, we will visit one of the most popular tourist attractions and getaway places of the locals: Margaret Island. We can easily approach the island from Margaret Bridge on bike lanes. The island is located between the Pest and Buda sides of the capital and is a 95-hectare, traffic-restricted park that allows for a very nice refreshing ride. Margaret Island is a special space where locals go to relax or exercise. With its clearings, running track, pet zoo, the Japanese Garden and the musical fountain, it will surely take a special place in your heart too, like it does in ours.

Budapest Night Tour

That’s right, we offer guided tours at night as well! We know that Budapest is extremely mesmerizing in the evening, and we would like to show you the best views of the  illuminated city. The Castle Garden, Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion look like a medieval castle. You travel back in time and feel like you have become a part of its history. Hop on and follow us on this 90-minute  journey!

Young people riding MonsteRollers at night in the Buda Castle

Note: Besides the age limitation there are also general rules that apply to all our guided tours. As we will ride outdoors, you should also dress according to the current weather conditions and arrive sober at the starting spot! We also provide helmets and safety gear, but it is important to also follow the safety guidelines and rules we set.

Why choose a guided tour with E-Magine? 

What we can say with much confidence, is that you won’t find another tour more fun than ours. Riding these electric scooters is a whole new life experience and the quickest way of transportation around the city. It’s also safe, as we ride mostly on bike paths along the routes and the MonsteRollers are easy to handle with their low platform and wide wheels. The inner child in you will definitely shout in amusement when you roll through the city. We also offer personalized guided tours, so if you want to take back control again and decide what you want to see, we can tailor a private tour to your taste land give you the experience and the knowledge about the sights you were missing. Our guides can also give you personalized recommendations for other things to do, good places to eat and sights to visit – we encourage you to ask them. No matter your choice, you won’t forget this experience! So why wait? Book your tour today!