Three Fun Ways to Discover Budapest

City of history

In a CNN Travel article from 2013, Budapest was ranked as the second best city in the world by thousands of participants in their annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Forbes Magazine included Budapest in their list: “Europe’s most Idyllic places to live”. With 4.4 million international tourists per year, it is ranked as the 6th most popular city in Europe! 

It’s easy to see why Budapest is a city worth exploring. Often referred as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it has a rich historical and cultural background. The city has architecturally notable buildings in a wide range of styles and time periods from its more than 2,000 year history. Since there is a lot to discover, people like to choose a comfortable way of city sightseeing. There are several options for sightseeing in Budapest; sightseeing bus, go on a segway – or an electric scooter tour.

Did you know that there is not agreed consensus on which is the origin of the name Buda or Pest? Legends from the Middle Ages point to Bleda, brother of Attila “The Hun”, while some historians refer to its Turkish background, as others refer to a Slavic source… “ 

Stunning city view from Gellért Hill with one of our guides in an escooter guided tour.
Panoramic view of Budapest from Gellért Hill

What are the options for discovering Budapest?

As a tourist, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at the amount of places and offers to sightsee. There are so many options! Tourist buses, walking tours, cruising tours…. All of which have their own timelines, prices and routes…  However, here at E-Magine Tours Budapest, we believe we are the best option for you to discover this amazing city in a very time-efficient way. We offer three activity categories tailored specially for those eager to explore Budapest and make the most of their city sightseeing experience. Plug into this one-of-a-kind experience and discover the city with our zero-emission electric vehicles!

Our options

We offer both rentals and guided tours.  All our guided tours are led by our lively & local guides that offer you insight like no guidebook can provide. Our guides will make sure that each of our 6 tour routes pass by some of the city’s most spectacular sights, covering more distance than any walking tour. The best of Budapest, but without the sore feet!  Ready for an electrifying experience? We have three solutions for each type of sightseeing traveller: 


If you are looking for something faster, for that “air in the face” motorcycle feeling, this MonsterRoller electric scooter is just for you! It justifies your sense of security with its 22 cm wide tires, low riding platform and hydraulic disc brakes. Safe & fun experience! 

Monster roller e-scooter guided tour provided by emagine tours
Heading to Buda Castle by night on escooters

Enjoy the best city sightseeing option, from street level to the top of Buda’s highest landmarks, in this experience that will take you to see both the urban and natural side of Budapest. Keep your eyes open, as you will discover something wonderful behind every corner! — No driving license required — No previous skills needed — Live guides in English — 25 km/h max speed — Age: Riders: 14+ Backseat*: 10+. Click here to see our various tour routes provided by our professional guides.


If you’re eager to discover the city on your own terms we are the best choice when it comes to electric scooter rental in Budapest.  Make the city your playground and rent any of our e-scooters to explore the city at your own pace. Make sure to ask us for tips & hints to get the most out of your city sightseeing in the downtown area of experiencing the essence of Budapest! 

youngsters on escooter rented at E-Magine Tours
Youngsters on MonsteRoller escooter

No driving license required — Age: Rental: 16+ Guided tours: 14+ Backseat*: 10+ — Max speed: 25 km/hour — 40 km battery range — Guaranteed fun! — Addiction rate: 100% — Safe & easy to ride

*Double-seat escooter model price: +50% above normal rates (total weight limit is 130 kg)


If you are looking for a unique guided experience of the city’s landmarks: Be part of an exciting experience with our zero-emission Segway self-balancing electric vehicles. It requires a bit more openness than the electric scooter but it worth a try.

The Segway uses gyroscopes, microcomputers and hub motors in each of the wheels to detect your body position and adjust the speed and balance accordingly. Segways can only be rented with a guide for maximum safety. We take care of our customers!

Are you ready for an electrified city sightseeing?

Young tourists on segways in front of Gellért hill in the summer
Guided Segway tour at the foot of Gellért Hill


  • No driving license required
  • Training provided on the spot (included in the tour duration)
  • No previous skills needed
  • Live Guides in English
  • Helmets provided
  • 20 km/h max speed
  • 38 km battery range
  • Age: 16+
  • Weight limit: 117 kg

— E-Scooter Rentals & Guided Tours, proudly ranked as the #1 Outdoor Activity on Tripadvisor since 2018. 

Your sightseeing experience reimagined.