Tired of walking?

An electrifying alternative to discover Budapest

Here you are. You arrived at the Hungarian capital eager to sightsee, only to realize that going around the main landmarks is a bit more complicated than you thought. Your free walking tour did not take you across the river into Buda and you may be wondering what marvels are waiting for you to discover.

Being a traveller can sometimes be quite tiring. Waiting in the airport, catching that last-minute bus, walking throughout entire cities… Wouldn’t an electric scooter make your sightseeing experience more fun and enjoyable?

Budapest is a city where it’s easy to ride along the bicycle lanes and trails. For those eager to discover the Hungarian capital in a different way, bike routes are often marked throughout the city. During recent years, drivers have become more aware of these lanes and respect for bike roads and cyclists has increased. 

If you are in the city for just a few days, having a one-day experience through the city’s bike roads will help you see much more of Budapest, as there are approximately 190 kilometers of bicycle road overall. Luckily, local laws allow electric vehicles to share the bike roads with normal bikes. All the fun, none of the hassle!

You can find bike routes in Andrássy Avenue, on the Danube Banks and around the entire city. Margaret Island is a great place to start, as most cars are banned from the island. It can be quite relaxing to discover the island’s gardens at your own pace! Make sure to also visit Kossuth Square to admire the Parliament and cross the Danube to see the city from its two sides. The Royal Castle in the Buda side is waiting for you!

Did you know that Budapest is named after the merger of three cities? Buda, Pest and Óbuda were renamed Budapest in 1873. The first two are absolutely mandatory, but make sure to check out all three of them if you’re not in a rush!

Ready for adventure?

Enjoy the best views of the city, from street level to the top of Buda’s highest landmarks, in this experience that will take you to see both the urban and natural side of Budapest. Keep your eyes open, as you will discover something wonderful behind every corner!

Are you looking for a new way of sightseeing ? We are E-Tour Budapest, an exciting alternative to your normal touring activities. Plug into this one-of-a-kind experience and discover the city with our zero-emission electric vehicles! We offer both rentals & guided tours. Our guides will make sure that each of our 6 tour routes pass by some of the city’s most spectacular sights, covering more distance than any walking tour. The best of Budapest, but without the sore feet!


We have a solution for each type of sightseeing traveller: 

If you are looking for a unique guided tour of the city’s landmarks: Be part of an  exciting experience with our MonsteRoller e-scooter & Airwheel self-balancing electric vehicles in this zero-emission electric city tour with our team of local guides. Duration: 1 to 3 hours. 

— If you’re eager to discover the city on your own terms… Rent any of our electric scooters and explore Budapest at your own pace. Make sure to ask us for tips & hints to get the most out of your route in the downtown area experiencing the essence of the city!

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Your sightseeing experience reimagined!

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