Budapest at Night: The Most Exciting Face of the City

Planning your European trip? Fancy some history, a mixture of western and eastern culture, lively urban life, and a city rich in cultural traditions? We might just know the spot. The Hungarian capital could be your best choice to spend your holiday trip. Whether it be hot or cold, the city’s sights and places offer something special for you: visit one of the thermal springs, the amusing architectural sights, the ruin bars, or the museums. However, the list of things to do doesn’t end when the sun sets behind the hills of Buda. Budapest at night is just as exciting and amusing as in the daytime-some would argue even more so.

Although, if you find it hard to discover the best programs in late evening activities, we brought some ideas to help you out. Let’s see, what can you do in Budapest at night!

Budapest at night

The Hungarian capital is famous for its nightlife: the ruin bars that pop up under a classical building randomly in the city centre just make the atmosphere special here. Partying is of course popular among the locals and tourists as well, and if you prefer trying out the best places, we recommend you visit Gozsdu or Club Instant. Not to mention the busy and noisy Kazincy and Dob Street. These are some preferred areas  for the locals and also for tourists to have a night out. However, there are several other programs and sights that make the city mesmerizing at this time of the day besides the pubs.

Why is it unique?

Budapest at night is always busy and in the city centre, noisy. No matter the weather, we go out and enjoy ourselves, that is for sure. A lot of people like to go on a stroll at night, as the city and its architecture are beautiful. The bridges, the Parliament and the Buda Castle are illuminated with lights and to take a night stroll passing them is just romantic and sentimental. If you’re looking for a perfect date night out with your significant other on your holiday trip, nothing beats the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion. If you would like to spice up the date night, you can see Budapest at night on two wheels too and not just on foot. At E-Magine Tours we got just the right vehicles, but we’ll get back to that.

Chain Bridge in Budapest at night illuminated by lights


Things to do in Budapest at night

We already gave you some hints about the programs you can try and the sights you can visit here. However, we like to be a bit more specific and recommend you the best places and some unique options for your holiday trip in the Hungarian capital. Let’s see them!

An evening at the thermal spas

There are several thermal spas in Budapest, like the Rudas Thermal Spa at the foot of the Gellért Hill, or the Turkish Bath. There is one particular bath, however, you can enjoy in Budapest at night too: the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. This spa is located in the heart of the City Park on the Pest side of the town right after the Heroes’ Square. The bath is open every day until 10 pm, and they have three outdoor and fifteen indoor pools. If you visit the city in the summertime, the spa offers something really exclusive this season: there are night parties in the spa from 10 pm until 3 am in the morning! Still, no matter the weather circumstances, the hot water is always relaxing after a long trip to the capital.

Have a stroll in Budapest at night

We mentioned earlier that a night stroll in our capital is quite romantic and perfect for date night. However, enjoying the illuminated sights is beautiful no matter if you are on holiday with your friends, family, or your lover. Budapest at night is like a city from a movie. You can start your stroll down by the river Danube: visiting the Parliament on the Pest side along the way of the tram 2, or just go down to St. Stephens Basilica and to Váci Street. In winter, they are full of Christmas decorations and there are several Christmas Markets as well in the central areas. You can enjoy some special Hungarian meals and mulled wine too in several flavours. Then for the perfect view of the city, go voer to the Buda side and climb the hills.

Night tour with E-Magine Tours

Based on what we told you so far, Budapest at night seems like a coin with two sides: the lively urban life with its ruin bars and pub, nighttime bath parties etc; and on the other hand, the romantic, chill, and beautiful capital with its unique sights and culture. And  what if we tell you that you can combine the two feelings and experience the adventurous side of the city along with its beauty during a special guided tour?

 young people with MonsteRoller on the Buda Castle

At E-Magine Tours we will give you just this feeling! Budapest at night is too gorgeous to miss out on it. With our electric scooters, you will have the chance to see the most beautiful night lights of the city, including the Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle, the Castle Garden Bazaar, and a stunning overlook of the city from Castle Hill. In this one-and-a-half-hour tour, you will experience the essence of Budapest at night. Our guides will give you some interesting facts about the sights we visit and some ideas on what to visit or where to go after the tour is over. The e-scooters are also safe and comfortable, we can use the bike paths in the city too! However, if you would like to have a special night tour for yourselves, you can book a personalized guided tour too. Riding our electric scooters is a fun experience, as you roll through the city and feel the light evening breeze upon your cheeks. Whatever you are looking for, we make sure to provide something memorable for every one of our guests.

Note: As we ride on e-scooters during the tour, there are safety measures that need to be met before we set off. For find further information, please visit the page for our Night Tour.


The Hungarian capital is a special gem in the heart of Europe with its unique history, culture, and architecture. From the classical buildings and sites, you can also see the remains of the Soviet era too. There are so many things to do in the city that even the locals say that there is always something new they can do or never heard of. Exploring the city doesn’t stop just because the sun went down. Hop on our e-scooters and see Budapest at night for yourself!