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last updated: 13 April 2023

These are the terms and conditions of E-Magine Travel Services Kft. (with registered office at Ferenciek tere 2. fszt., Budapest 1053, with registry number 01-09-295484, and tax number 25905074-2-42, represented by Bence Gosztonyi as managing director). We’ll call E-Magine the “Lessor” from now on.

1. The Lessor is letting out certain properties to the Lessee (referred to as the “User” from now on) according to the Terms and Conditions (T&C) detailed in this agreement. The User will lease these properties and their accessories, as described in the T&C on the date of signing.

2. The Lessor guarantees that the property is in good working condition and suitable for use throughout the lease period. There are no restrictions on usage by any third parties.

3. User acknowledges that they have received the property in good working condition, and that they have received information on the technical properties of the vehicle and instructions on how to handle it.

4. User is responsible for the proper use, handling, and protection of the property and its equipment. Any direct or indirect damages caused by the User’s failure to comply with these obligations are their responsibility.

5. The following actions are strictly prohibited:

  • Renting or loaning the property to any third party without written permission from the Lessor
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs, or allowing someone else to do so
  • Using the property for racing
  • Taking the property outside of the Operating Zone defined by the Lessor without written permission from the Lessor.
  • Using the property for commercial transport without permission from the Lessor and competent authority
  • Towing another vehicle without permission from the Lessor and competent authority

6. If the property is stolen or damaged, User must inform the Lessor right away. If the User is in an accident, they are required to get all the necessary information and not make any agreements or statements with others involved.

7. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for damages that occur because of a technical breakdown or improper use of the property.

8. If the property is stolen, User must pay the Lessor the property’s market value. User is also responsible for any minor offenses committed while using the property.

9. If User doesn’t return the property on time and the Lessor is not able to reach them at the phone number provided before starting the lease, the Lessor will assume something bad happened and may report it to the police.

10. There are age limitations for using the property. Users must be 16 years old to use a Segway or MonsteRoller alone, and children above 10 years are allowed to ride on a double-seater behind an adult. For guided tours on MonsteRoller, the minimum driving age is 14 years. Underage persons can only use the property when accompanied by an adult.

11. In case of MonsteRoller rentals, User must pay a security deposit in cash, which is equal to 40.000 HUF or 100 EUR per property for the lease period. Additionally, in order to rent a MonsteRoller, User must deposit a valid photo ID document such as a national ID card, driving license or passport, or allow the Lessor to make an electronic copy of it. The personal data on the ID will be kept confidentially, and User will get their security deposit and photo ID back at the end of the lease period if the property is in good technical condition. If the property has been damaged, the security deposit will be kept to restore the property to its original technical condition. 

12. User needs to provide the Lessor with a valid phone number before starting the lease. The Lessor will use the phone number only to contact the User during or after the lease for matters directly related to the User’s booking and the lease. After that, the phone number will be deleted from electronic and paper records according to the general data processing guidelines.

13. If the lease includes a guide, User is only allowed to travel on the route that the guide indicates.

14. User acknowledges that tours start in all weather and traffic conditions. In case of road closures due to any unforeseen events, the Lessor reserves the right to alter the route to make the attractions accessible, and the guide will inform the User about this.

15. User acknowledges that they have been informed by the Lessor that in the 1st and 5th districts of Budapest, it is forbidden to use bicycles and electric vehicles (MonsteRoller, Segway etc.) in the designated pedestrian zones (it’s allowed to push the vehicle).

16. In case of any technical problems that occur during the lease period (e.g., depleted battery), User must notify the Lessor by phone or in writing immediately and the Lessor must provide a replacement vehicle or replace the battery on the spot within 30 minutes if the technical problem happens within the Operating Zone. The time from the announcement by User of the technical problem until the solving/replacement of the vehicle will be granted as free extension for the entire group.

17. The Lessor’s failure to exercise any rights granted in this T&C or by law does not mean they waive those rights.

18. If certain provisions in this T&C are invalid or missing, they will be replaced with provisions that best fit the meaning and purpose of the invalid or missing provisions or the other provisions of the T&C. The parties can send their written statements related to this T&C to the Parties’ designated address until they are notified in writing of a change in the address of the other party. If mail is returned as “receipt rejected,” “not collected,” “moved,” or “address unknown,” it will be considered delivered on the 5th business day after mailing. If there are questions not regulated in this T&C, the applicable laws of Hungary will govern them.

19. This contract is available in English and Hungarian. In case of any disputes, the Hungarian version is binding.

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Free cancellations are available up to 24 hours before start time. After then, a 100% cancellation fee is charged.

Rescheduling tours: Tours can be rescheduled if given advance notice of more than 24 hours (based on availability). If you let us know within less than 24 hours that you cannot make it but would like to rebook for another date or time, or you don’t show up for your tour but would like to reschedule, you will be charged a rebooking fee of €15/person. Thank you for understanding.

Rescheduling rentals: Rentals can be rescheduled based on availability. If you cannot make it at the original booked time, let us know as soon as you can and our team will do our best to offer you alternate options – however, please note that it’s subject to availability and in high season, we may not be able to give you another suitable option due to a large number of reservations. Please note that if you are trying to reschedule within 24 hours and we cannot give you another suitable date, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that in case of groups of 10 or more people, we reserve the right to split the group into two or more groups and start them a few minutes apart for safer riding and in order to minimize disturbance of city traffic. Thank you for understanding.

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